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Eugene’s potion of love – Part 1

sexy blonde assistant Eugene is a nerdy scientist who has been turned down by every single woman he has ever met, until now! He has discovered a secret formula that will make him irresistible to women! He gives a sampling of his love potion to his sexy blonde assistant and she gets instantly turned on by him! Will Eugene finally get lucky? Let’s find out!

Stephanie gets a shot of “love potion” – Part 1

sexy Stephanie goes down on Eugene's hard cock Stephanie is a jealous scientist, she envies Eugene’s brilliant mind and wants to steal his secret formula from him. She has no idea what his “love potion” is all about until she gives it a try. Filled with unbridled lust and passion, the sexy scientist goes down on Eugene’s hard cock and lets him fuck her wet pussy and ass. I bet she gets really pissed off when the formula’s effect runs off!

Eugene’s hot day off – Part 2

Eugene fucking tight ass When Eugene slips some of his love potion into a drink for his next door neighbor, things get really wild! She sucks his hard cock and begs him to fuck her tight ass! It’s amazing the result of his love potion, Eugene has gone from being a loser virgin to getting all the wet pussy he wants without even having to try!

Megachick meets Eugene! – Part 2

Eugene fucks Megachick's pussy Megachick has gone to see Eugene to see if he can help her overcome her weakness to Argon-X, but Eugene underestimates the power of the substance when he tests his antidote on her! Eugene can’t complain about this, it’s not every day that you get to fuck one of the hottest heroines in Metropole city. With results like this one, I bet Eugene keeps on trying until he gets it right… or not?

Eugene’s hot singles night – Part 2

Eugene licks chick Eugene used to be a loser, but now he has an incredible love potion that drives women mad with lust! He uses his potion on the sexy women at a local singles night! The potion makes any girl he chooses go totally mad with lust and have the craziest sex with him! They even let Eugene fuck them up the ass! This nerdy scientist has really gone a long way, he better invent something to make his dick stay hard with all the pussy he’s getting!