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Megachick fucking with Nitroman – Part 1

hot Megachick Crime in Metropole has gone up so much; Megachick needs somebody to help her out! Lucky for her, Nitroman is here to aid her, and Megachick is so grateful, she tells him she will do anything to thank him. Nitroman has always wanted to fuck her, so she is more than happy to let him take her. He has such a huge cock! She gives him a titjob and sucks his dick as hard as she can, she wants her savior to fuck her harder than the Boner ever has!

Dr. Egghead, Mister Fuck Machine – Part 2

Megachick sucking dick A powerful pill turns Dr. Egghead into the vicious Mr. Fuck Machine, a deranged monster with a huge cock that is hell bent on fucking Megachick’s brains out! She can resist all the hardcore sex the monster gives her, but when he lets her know of his intentions of sodomizing her, she wonders if her tight asshole will be able to resist the onslaught of his gargantuan dick!

Megachick in terrible kinky peril – Part 1

Purple Clan and Megachick The sinister Purple Clan is holding a meeting outside Metropole, the only person that can stop them is the super hot and sexy heroine Megachick! The only problem is, she has been captured by the purple meanies! Naked and helpless, the villains place her big bubble tits on a wooden stack, what devious torture have they in mind for our sensual heroine?

Megachick in terrible kinky peril – Part 3

Megachick's tight ass and wet mouth are getting stuffed At the hands of the sinister Purple Clan, our heroine Megachick is enduring the most savage spit roast ever! Her tight ass and wet mouth are getting stuffed by the nasty villain’s huge dicks. Megachick enjoys this savage torture and humiliation, as her face and ass get covered in creamy cum, she wishes the angry mob never goes away!

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Megachick meets Eugene! – Part 2

Eugene fucks Megachick's pussy Megachick has gone to see Eugene to see if he can help her overcome her weakness to Argon-X, but Eugene underestimates the power of the substance when he tests his antidote on her! Eugene can’t complain about this, it’s not every day that you get to fuck one of the hottest heroines in Metropole city. With results like this one, I bet Eugene keeps on trying until he gets it right… or not?