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Rogue loses her powers – Part 3

Gambit's dick deep inside Rogue's wet cunt Rogue loses her powers, but don’t worry, that’s not a bad thing! Now she can feel Gambit’s huge dick deep inside her dripping wet cunt. She hasn’t felt a real dick for years, she was so tired of fingering herself or playing with a dildo, she hopes her powers don’t come back for a while so she can fuck the entire X-Man roster, girls included! She even lets Gambit fuck her tight virgin ass!

Rogue loses her powers – Part 5

Rogue taking facial cumshots Ever since Rogue lost her powers, Gambit has been taking the opportunity to fuck her like never before! Too bad it seems like it was just a very wet dream Rogue was having… but awakening to the lovely Psylocke isn’t so bad either. Will Rogue forget all about her fantastic dream, or will she give it a try with Psylocke, in case she still is powerless and can enjoy her naked skin? Let’s find out!

Rogue loses her powers – Part 1

nude Rogue Rogue wakes up after a long night’s sleep and many wet dreams, she is so sleepy, she stumbles down the stairs on her way to the bathroom, but Logan catches her in his strong, muscular arms. Surprised, she realizes her powers are not working with Logan, and that means she can let him touch her naked body and finally fuck her very hard! There is no time to loose, there is no telling when her powers can kick back!

Rogue loses her powers – Part 4

Gambit fuck Rogue's asshole Gambit is a smart guy; he is not going to let an opportunity like this one get pass him, when his girlfriend Rogue finds herself powerless, he is very quick to bang her! Since opportunities like these don’t come often, Rogue is even letting him fuck her asshole! Remy loves her tight asshole, looks like Rogue has practiced anal penetration with her sex toys in the X-Mansion! Gambit is close to blowing his load in her ass, but Rogue wants to feel that creamy jizz all over her tits and mouth!

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