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Jean Grey uses her mental powers to seduce Logan! – Part 4

Logan banging Jean Grey Using her mental powers, Jean has seduced Logan and she is now feeling the power of his huge cock thrusting her wet anime pussy. She rides his dick like a woman possessed; Logan can’t resist and blows his load all over her open mouth. Logan lights a big cig while Jean licks the sticky sperm from her lips! No wonder she always sends Scott on those long missions far, far away!

Jean Grey uses her mental powers to seduce Logan! – Part 3

Logan licks wet pussy Jean Grey is using her mental powers to dominate Logan’s will so he can fuck her hard while Cyclops is away! He strokes his hairy dick in between Jean’s beautiful tits, her nipples are so hard! Logan will eat out her wet snatch and fuck her from behind, she loves the way he fucks her like an animal!

Cyclops sucks Jean Grey’s pussy

Cyclops fucks Jean Grey's pussy

Cyclops and Jean Grey have been an item for a long time, and in this sexy gallery, they let us take a look at their naughty sex lives. Jean loves to feel Cyclops’s silky tongue digging deep into her wet pussy, turning her on so bad. She doesn’t care about Cyclops right now, she is more interested in his other one eyed monster fucking her very hard and making her cum like some dirty bitch!

Jean Grey uses her mental powers to seduce Logan! – Part 1

Jean Grey withdraws a big sex toy Cyclops has left on a very important mission, leaving Jean Grey a very lonely and horny mutant girl. She reaches for her drawer and withdraws a big sex toy; she knows how to have fun when he’s not around. The dildo is good, but not good enough, what she needs is a big, strong man with a huge cock, like Logan! She uses her mental powers to plant sexy fantasies in his head, will it work…?

Jean Grey uses her mental powers to seduce Logan! – Part 2

redhead mutant girl rides Logan The naughty redhead mutant girl, Jean Grey, is feeling very lonely and horny, so she uses her mental powers to summon Logan and put some dirty thoughts inside his head. He grabs her and takes off her clothes, making her kneel and suck his huge cock. She loves his hairy balls and strokes his hard-on in between her delicious tits. She can’t wait to feel his hard cock deep inside her pussy!