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Flash may be the fastest man alive, but he is really taking it slow this time! Who wouldn’t? After all, it’s Wonder Woman he’s fucking here, you want to enjoy when you are banging a sexy babe like her! Wonder Woman thought Superman’s hard cock was the best thing around, but Barry may just prove her wrong! May the Flash be the kryptonite to Superman’s sexual prowess?

Wonder Woman sucking Flash`s cock

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Flash banging Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has been fucked many times before, but never so many times in such a short period of time, but let’s not forget it’s Flash that she’s having sex with! Turned on by so much incredible sex, Wonder Woman gives Flash something few mortals ever get to taste: her juicy puckered up asshole! Flash is going to be bragging about this one for weeks, man!

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Forget about Superman’ Flash’s huge cock is all that sexy Wonder Woman can think about in this naughty super hero porn gallery! She has never been fucked so fast in her life; Flash keeps making the sexy Amazon cum over and over! Wouldn’t you love to have Flash’s powers so you could make Wonder Woman feel like a nasty whore while you fill her up with cock? Doesn’t she look hot riding Flash’s massive erection in the Hall of Justice?

Wonder Woman fucked by Flash