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The interrogation of Catwoman – Part 1

sexy Catwoman Why has Commissioner Gordon summoned Batman? Looks like they caught a very hot and sexy thief and they need him to interrogate her. It’s none other than Catwoman and she looks so hot in her tight, black leather outfit. Batman can hardly conceal his erection in front of her and it looks like this interrogation session is going to be a very steamy and raunchy one, don’t you agree?

The interrogation of Catwoman – Part 2

Catwoman massages Batman's huge boner between her massive titties Batman has been summoned by Commissioner Gordon to interrogate the evil, sensual and seductive Catwoman. Will Batman resist her sexual mind games? He can’t resist kissing her, and she massages his huge boner between her massive titties. Batman can hardly stop himself from cumming on the spot; Catwoman is such a hot slut! Catwoman has a big itch and she wants Batman to scratch it for her!

The interrogation of Catwoman – Part 3

Batman's cock probes Catwoman's wet pussy Batman is summoned by Gordon to interrogate Catwoman, and he is using extreme measures to handle the nasty, sexy evildoer! His Bat cock probes her wet pussy and tight asshole, turning sexy Catwoman on so much, she will probably tell him everything he wants to know. This is one of the kinkiest interrogation sessions Batman has ever been in, thank god its Catwoman and not the Joker!