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Eugene’s potion of love – Part 1

sexy blonde assistant Eugene is a nerdy scientist who has been turned down by every single woman he has ever met, until now! He has discovered a secret formula that will make him irresistible to women! He gives a sampling of his love potion to his sexy blonde assistant and she gets instantly turned on by him! Will Eugene finally get lucky? Let’s find out!

Spider Man kissing Mary Jane Spider Man is beating up a thug that was messing with his girl, Mary Jane. She is so grateful; she wants to show Spidey just how thankful she is for his heroics. She strips naked and starts sucking his hard cock, she looks so fucking hot with her big tits and curvy body! Spider Man has definitely hit the jackpot! Saving Mary Jane is much more fun that rescuing Aunt May!

Megachick sucking dick A powerful pill turns Dr. Egghead into the vicious Mr. Fuck Machine, a deranged monster with a huge cock that is hell bent on fucking Megachick’s brains out! She can resist all the hardcore sex the monster gives her, but when he lets her know of his intentions of sodomizing her, she wonders if her tight asshole will be able to resist the onslaught of his gargantuan dick!

sexy Catwoman Why has Commissioner Gordon summoned Batman? Looks like they caught a very hot and sexy thief and they need him to interrogate her. It’s none other than Catwoman and she looks so hot in her tight, black leather outfit. Batman can hardly conceal his erection in front of her and it looks like this interrogation session is going to be a very steamy and raunchy one, don’t you agree?

Lara Croft anal sex

Lara Croft has the relic of Ra, but can she get past Rupert Crest’s huge cock? His dick is so powerful and feels so good ramming her wet pussy and giving her hot, nasty anal sex! He may be her sworn enemy, but Lara just loves getting fucked by him. After he blows his load all over Lara’s beautiful lips, you think he might let her get away with the treasure?