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Betty shows her huge balloon boobs Bruce Banner may be a puny human, but the emerald Hulk is a sex god! Betty just can’t resist that huge green cock, she wants to suck it but it hardly fits in her mouth. Betty takes off her top and shows him her huge balloon boobs and hardened nipples. Hulk bends her over and stretched her pussy beyond its limits with his massive erection. Will Betty survive so much cock?

Megachick meets Eugene! – Part 2

Eugene fucks Megachick's pussy Megachick has gone to see Eugene to see if he can help her overcome her weakness to Argon-X, but Eugene underestimates the power of the substance when he tests his antidote on her! Eugene can’t complain about this, it’s not every day that you get to fuck one of the hottest heroines in Metropole city. With results like this one, I bet Eugene keeps on trying until he gets it right… or not?

Eugene licks chick Eugene used to be a loser, but now he has an incredible love potion that drives women mad with lust! He uses his potion on the sexy women at a local singles night! The potion makes any girl he chooses go totally mad with lust and have the craziest sex with him! They even let Eugene fuck them up the ass! This nerdy scientist has really gone a long way, he better invent something to make his dick stay hard with all the pussy he’s getting!

sexy Megachick The safety of Metropole City relies on the hands of sexy redhead Megachick, the last line of defense against the evil Boner! Megachick breaks into his fortress, but it looks like Boner was expecting her. He sets her up in a trap, exposing her to chemicals that alter her mind and arouse her deeply. Now she is so turned on, she is unable to resist the horrid cock of the Boner. Will Megachick become Megaslut?

Rogue loses her powers – Part 5

Rogue taking facial cumshots Ever since Rogue lost her powers, Gambit has been taking the opportunity to fuck her like never before! Too bad it seems like it was just a very wet dream Rogue was having… but awakening to the lovely Psylocke isn’t so bad either. Will Rogue forget all about her fantastic dream, or will she give it a try with Psylocke, in case she still is powerless and can enjoy her naked skin? Let’s find out!