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Bruce Banner turns into the emerald Hulk Bruce Banner better up his game, looks like Betty is considering an open relationship so she can fuck with the rest of the hot scientist guys at the lab! This gets him so pissed off; he turns into the emerald Hulk! Will the Hulk forgive Betty for her indiscretions, or will he split her in two with the raw force of his massive emerald cock?

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Eugene fucks sexy Stephanie Stephanie is a totally jealous bitch; she envies Eugene’s knowledge and tries to steal his secret formula from him. When he confronts him, she drinks its content and discovers what the love potion is all about! Now she is a cock crazed bitch in heat, begging her former nemesis to fuck her tight ass and fill her mouth with his creamy cum!

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sexy Megachick

Megachick is in trouble! She has fallen into a sinister trap laid out by the evil Dr. Egghead and now she is tied up to a murderous device! Megachick surrenders, promising the evildoer she will let him fuck her any way she wishes if he sets her free. She laughs at his tiny, shriveled pecker, but the Doctor has other plans… he takes a pill that turns him into a huge monster with a massive cock! Megachick has met her match in this vicious fucking machine that is set on ripping her in two with his gargantuan toon dick!

Megachick sucking cock Megachick has fallen into the devilish trap of the evil Boner. She can’t resist his marvelous cock, and turns into a mega slut for him to fuck and abuse any way he likes. She doesn’t mind the humiliation of becoming the evil man’s fuck slut; she just wants his hot cum all over her face and mouth! Is this the end of Megachick?

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Rogue loses her powers – Part 4

Gambit fuck Rogue's asshole Gambit is a smart guy; he is not going to let an opportunity like this one get pass him, when his girlfriend Rogue finds herself powerless, he is very quick to bang her! Since opportunities like these don’t come often, Rogue is even letting him fuck her asshole! Remy loves her tight asshole, looks like Rogue has practiced anal penetration with her sex toys in the X-Mansion! Gambit is close to blowing his load in her ass, but Rogue wants to feel that creamy jizz all over her tits and mouth!

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