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sexy Supergirl Supergirl is on a perilous mission, exploring a mystery planet discovered by NASA. Her super hearing captures a sound from a crater, where she discovers an alien creature resembling a mix of tentacles and purple cocks! When the creature attacks her, she realizes it is definitely an intelligent life form: the first thing it does is take off her clothes so it can fuck her hard!

Spider Man fucking Mary Jane Mary Jane really knows how to thank a guy when he saves her life! She took Spider Man to a rooftop where he gets to bang her wet pussy as hard as he can! After fucking her in every position he can come up with, he shoots a creamy wad of spider cum straight to her mouth! Way to go, tiger!

Megachick meets Eugene! – Part 1

Megachick meets Eugene Megachick is like the most powerful heroine in Metropole, but she has a weakness: when she is exposed to the substance known as Argon-X, she just loses it and turns into a cock craving slut. All her enemies know it, so they always end up fucking her silly, until she decides to ask the smartest guy in Metropole for help: Eugene!

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Storm playing with her dildo

Storm playing with her sex toy

Storm is one of the hottest X-Women, she can use her powers to control the weather. Here you get to see her completely naked and teasing her wet, pink snatch with a huge sex toy. Her dark naked body is so incredibly hot and sexy! The force of nature drills her tight snatch and dirty asshole with her toy until she cums.

tentacle monster fucks pussy and ass hole

Attacked by a tentacle monster from outer space, Supergirl is experiencing the most intense sexual experience while ravaged by the cock like tentacles of the alien fiend. The alien finally releases its grip on her body, only to massively cum all over her, soaking her in the hottest, stickiest cum shower she has ever received! Maybe she will stay in this planet longer than anticipated!